Tips for Enjoying Delicious Food While Keeping Your Stomach Comfortable During Eid

During Eid, we are often tempted to try all the foods that are served. However, sometimes after indulging in Eid specialties, the stomach feels uncomfortable. So, how can we still enjoy eating during Eid without experiencing uncomfortable digestion?

According to an article on, Prof. Ari Fahrial Syam, MD, MMB, PhD, FACG, FACP, FINASIM, provides some tips to enjoy delicious food while keeping your stomach comfortable during Eid. Here are the tips:

1. Take gastric acid suppressant medication half an hour before eating in the morning
Digestive problems can be caused by increased gastric acid, leading to a burning sensation in the stomach.

2. Consume supplements containing enzymes to avoid diarrhea
When eating a lot and a variety of foods, the pancreas is forced to work hard, while incomplete digestive enzymes can cause diarrhea after eating. “If you want to eat a variety of foods, just buy digestive enzyme tablets because the pancreas might be resting, so it works hard, and the enzymes are not fully available, leading to diarrhea. There are also anti-bloating medications, as excessive eating can increase gas production,” explained Prof. Ari.

3. Chew food at least 32 times
In addition to following the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad, chewing food at least 32 times sends a signal to the brain to hold off the next bite, making eating less rushed. This also gives the stomach and small intestine time to process food slowly, leading to longer-lasting satiety.

4. Avoid overeating and balance with the consumption of vegetables and fruits
If you want to consume coconut milk-based dishes, Prof. Ari suggests controlling the portion size and balancing them with vegetables and fruits. “Vegetables and fruits contain vitamins and minerals that can reduce cholesterol absorption in our small intestine. So, feel free to eat coconut milk-based dishes, but don’t forget vegetables and fruits,” explained Prof. Ari. Additionally, vegetables and fruits make the stomach feel full, signaling satiety and helping to reduce overeating.

These are some tips to still enjoy delicious food while keeping your stomach comfortable during Eid. Eid Mubarak and happy trying!

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Image source: Odua Images