Dr. Hasan Maulahela, consultant of gastroenterohepatology, in the Ayo Sehat Kompas TV program – Get to Know Gallstones explained that when talking about the bile there are two things to pay attention to, namely bile and gallbladder. Bile functions to digest fat. While the gallbladder serves as a shelter.

Meanwhile, gallstones are a deposition process if the bile becomes thick, then becomes mud, then crystallizes into stones.

Are there any symptoms if someone has gallstones?
The majority of gallstones are asymptomatic, unless gallstones cause problems such as causing inflammation of the gallbladder wall, the patient will feel pain in the upper right abdomen or gallstones blocking the duct, which will cause severe pain or is called colic pain.

Is there an impact on the body if someone has gallstones?
Even though gallstones are asymptomatic, they can cause complications. Complications that often occur are inflammation of the gallbladder wall, and inflammation of surrounding organs such as the pancreas occurs if there is a blockage in the bile duct. Besides that, a blocked bile duct can cause the body to turn yellow. Thickening of bile occurs due to several factors, such as consuming foods that are high in cholesterol, hormonal, smoking, obesity, and drastic weight loss.

Under what conditions should gallstone removal surgery be performed?
An inflammatory condition in the gallbladder is an indication that surgery must be carried out (laparoscopically), but if there are signs of severe complications, the doctor will usually recommend a serious surgical procedure.

To avoid gallstones, dr. Hasan recommends maintaining a balanced diet. The body still needs fat, but what needs to be considered is that the amount of fat consumption is not excessive and according to needs. In addition, dr. Hasan also suggested adopting a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise.

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