Consultant gastroenterohepatology, Prof. Ari Fahrial Syam, does not confirm that Americano is the only type of coffee brew that is safe for GERD patients. Because the principle of whether coffee is safe or unsafe depends on the caffeine content. According to Prof. Ari, GERD sufferers will be safer consuming coffee with low caffeine content. Coffee can increase stomach acid in GERD sufferers because of its high caffeine levels.

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As reported by Healthline, the following are the levels of caffeine contained in various types of brewed coffee:

Caffeine Levels Contained in Coffee

  1. Brewed Coffee
    One 8oz cup of brewed coffee contains around 70-140mg of caffeine.
  2. Expresso
    One 30-50ml glass of expresso contains 63mg of caffeine.
  3. Expresso-based drinks
    Many coffee drinks are made from expresso mixed with other ingredients such as milk, for example, lattes, cappuccinos, macchiatos, and americanos. Because other blends do not contain the same caffeine as pure expresso. One cup of expresso contains about 63mg of caffeine. Two cups of expresso contain about 125mg of caffeine.
  4. Instant Coffee
    One cup of instant coffee contains around 30-90mg of caffeine.
  5. Decaf coffee (without caffeine)
    Decaf coffee contains varying levels of caffeine, ranging from 0-7mg per cup or an average of 3mg of caffeine in one cup. However, some types of decaf coffee may contain higher amounts of caffeine, depending on the types of coffee, method used, and cup size.
  6. Cold brew
    A 12oz cup of cold brew coffee contains between 153-238mg of caffeine.

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