If GERD Doesn’t Go Away, Should I Have Surgery?

Reported from YouTube RSUI with the headline “Chocolate can cause GERD! What is GERD?” Prof. Dr. Ari Fahrial Syam, MMB, Ph.D., FACP, FACG, gastroenterohepatology consultant, explains how to treat GERD. Check out the following explanation.

When lifestyle has improved, drug consumption has been carried out optimally according to the doctor’s directions, but conditions have not improved. So, it is suggested to do a pH-metric impedance check to see if reflux is happening. If reflux occurs and if there is severe injury, in this case, the grading (degree) of the esophageal wound, for example, there are grades A, B, C, and D. Then the patient has reached grade C or D, needs surgery (fundoplication) ) to improve the low esophageal sphincter or lower esophageal sphincter so that reflux does not occur again in the future.

The trend of GERD is increasing in society. It is not uncommon for patients to come because of complications from GERD. The principles of GERD treatment are lifestyle modifications and taking medicines regularly according to the doctor’s recommendations.

Source:Coklat dapat menyebabkan penyakit GERD! Apa itu GERD? – YouTube

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