National Congress & National Scientific Meeting of the Indonesian Association for the Study of the Liver, Indonesian Society of Gastroenterology, Indonesian Society for Digestive Endoscopy (KONAS and PIN PPHI-PGI-PEGI) in 2023 which will be held in Padang, West Sumatra. This congress is an activity organized by the PPHI-PGI-PEGI Joint Executive Board in collaboration with the PPHI-PGI-PEGI Joint Management Padang Branch, Gastroenterohepatology Division, Department of Internal Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Andalas University, RSUP dr. M Djamil Padang and Andalas University Hospital.

In the National Congress which raised the theme “Increasing Capabilities of Physicians in Gastroenterohepatology Diseases” with strong enthusiasm, let’s increase our professionalism in providing services in the field of Gastroenterohepatology. Of course, we do this by continuing to update our knowledge and competencies and continuing to synergize in reform.

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